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OS: Linux RedHat
PHP 4.4.2, CGI, Perl, MySQL
Version Apache 1.3.34 (Unix)
FrontPage Extantion
CPanel/RVSkin panel
Support of DNS
Email Forwardind
Webalizer statistic
Access to log-files
Files backup
Make a pass to the directories
The preinstalled scripts
Support by e-mail and ICQ

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  UIN: 71-00-28 


 A use policy of our hosting.

 It is necessary to adhere to the rules of a hosting, some from them:
  1. It is impossible to be engaged in a spam in its any display (a spam, spamvertising, etc.);
    It is forbidden DISPATCH of the SPAM
    (email, a spam guest, forums, icq and etc..)
  2. HYIP Sites, investment pyramids, financial deceivers and etc..) are forbidden
  3. Destructive actions of any character (start not are forbidden Organized, capacious-resource programs that can negatively affect on Serviceability of a hosting as a whole, distribution of viruses, etc.);
  4. Accommodation of programs which can be used is inadmissible For the non-authorized access (in particular IRC);
  5. Accommodationcapacious-resource probably only on preliminary To the coordination;
  6. The publication of any materials breaking their copyright is forbidden The owner (here enter also various crack and warez materials);
  7. The publication of any pornographic materials is forbidden;
  8. The publication of any materials contradicting is forbidden To the legislation of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the USA.
Rights and duties of the parties:
  1. Client undertakes to not break the standard rules of behaviour on Hosting and in the Internet.
  2. Infringement by the client of the standard rules of behaviour on a hosting and in The Internet can cause the termination{discontinuance} of granting of services Art-Host.Org.
  3. Client has the right to granting of those services which are in Presence and which are paid by him.
  4. Delayed payment of services Art-Host.Org can cause The termination of granting of services Art-Host.Org.
  5. Art-Host.Org have the right to give up in granting services to the client in Case when it entails deterioration of services, Given to other clients.
  6. Art-Host.Org does not incur the responsibility for the losses caused To somebody or something deliberate or unintentional actions Client Art-Host.Org.
  7. Art-Host.Org does not incur the responsibility for the losses caused To clients not on fault Art-Host.Org.
  8. Art-Host.Org does not incur the responsibility for the losses caused Time inaccessibility of services on the hosting - server of the client, connected With technical problems (somehow: jobs on improvement of the server And ON, hacker's attacks, problems of datacenter, routings and so forth).
  9. Art-Host.Org does not incur the responsibility for the losses called Force majeure circumstances.
  10. Art-Host.Org does not guarantee uptime 100%, but to this aspires.
  11. Art-Host.Org does not return the payment received for services and not Compensates any losses of the client under no circumstances, except for Those cases when the initiative about returning or compensation proceeds From Art-Host.Org.
The Given list can be changed Art-Host.Org Unilaterally at any moment without the additional notice.



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