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OS: Linux RedHat
PHP 4.4.2, CGI, Perl, MySQL
Version Apache 1.3.34 (Unix)
FrontPage Extantion
CPanel/RVSkin panel
Support of DNS
Email Forwardind
Webalizer statistic
Access to log-files
Files backup
Make a pass to the directories
The preinstalled scripts
Support by e-mail and ICQ

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  UIN: 71-00-28 


Ways of payment:

You can pay our services by any way convenient for you. We work both with physical, and with legal persons in territory of the Russian Federation and behind its limits. Payment is accepted by set of ways, including systems of electronic payments.
You can pay our services from any point of the world. You can be sure, that your payment will be carried out maximum operatively. If you will be not not arranged with quality of our services, we shall return the money paid by you (see below Moneyback).

Ways of payment:
 Payment through Webmoney Transfer
 Payment through E-Gold
 Payment through Fethard

Return of the money (Moneyback)

Payment through payment system Webmoney Transfer [margin 0%]

Webmoney Transfer - it is system of instant calculations in a network the Internet.
You can bring in payment in system Webmoney on our Z-purse (USD). Our properties in system Webmoney Transfer:
WMID: 933452435486
WMZ: Z513737366050
WME: E067107636246

At payment of our services through Webmoney of payment it is necessary to specify your domain placed with us. After fulfilment of translation it is necessary for you to inform about it in the Support service, having sent the form on our site.
Payment through service Webmoney Merchant:
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Attention! Enter correct data!

Payment through payment system E-Gold [margin 8.0%]
E-GoldE-Gold is an electronic currency, issued by E-Gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.
E-Gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money.  Specifically, the E-Gold payment system enables people to Spend specified weights of gold to other E-Gold accounts.  Only the ownership changes - the gold in the treasury grade vault stays put.



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